Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Earn free Coins/Dollar from

Paid to read article and give a rate/or rangking we will get free coins/dollar ??

Yes , just simple is that to get your free coins/dollar with is a brand new site that lets people earn money simply by reading and rating articles. It's extremely easy to use and pays through paypal, which is great. If you enjoy reading, now there's a way to earn money for doing it.

After signing for free ,you must select 50 interests from the list. You should pick topics that interest you, thus making the reading/rating process as enjoyable as possible. You earn $0.05-$0.10 per article read, depending on length. This takes only a minute or so on average. You can cash out via paypal once you earn $50.

Make more off your free coins/dollar with readbud referall and affiliate program,you will get Invite people to join and start to get your free coins/dollar, like i do ! You will earn $ 5 for the first redemption your friend makes !

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