Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Get Free coins/dollar Without Doing Anything With LinkBUcks

Linkbucks almost the same as an ad provider that is paying adsense website or blog owners to display their ads. However, the technique used is slightly different. I did not explain at length because it has been discussed in my previous article. Linkbucks not advertise directly on our website or blog, but will display ads on our web link is clicked. There was a pause a few seconds to display an ad before the link is directed to the actual link. So if we open a link that we make then the visitors will stop by once to linkbucks ads. These ads do not have to wait because it can be directly or can be skip straight to the actual link without waiting for timeout. But still the visitors will still come down to the ads. We will get free coins/dollar paid for every visitor who stopped by the ad links from ours.

Real advantage in my opinion is that advertising should not ruin our web interface. So just insert the javascript code so our links will be created automatically stopped by the ad prior to the actual link. But we can make any domain exceptions that do not want to stop the ad if the link is clicked. I make it onto my own domain to my web navigation is not interrupted by advertisements. While all the outgoing links to the ads I create come first.

To create a link we can display the ads there are three ways:

1. Creating links one by one. This way you can use only to generate an alias for your link. You simply enter the link which is available on the actual input and linkbucks will give them a link that will be the alias links to the actual link.
2. Create a link a lot at once. If you want to make a lot of aliases you can use the link at the same time this way. Simply provide your input all the links and linkbucks will provide an alias for each link you submit.
3. Using the JavaScript that will change automatically link on a web page which we attach the javascript code linkbucks. The easiest way for website owners because it did not bothered to generate each link to be made to display the ad.

Actually how to display the ad does not have to stop it. There are two display options we can choose the ad. But of all the options, stop by a few seconds is an option with the largest payment. Another option is the direct link will be opened but with a banner frame at the top of the web toward which we link. In addition there is also a technique in which the ad popup ads will be opened through a popup window that appears when we clicked the link. I highly recommend not using the option popup ads by default because a modern web browser to block all pop-up window that can result from the advertising we do not display links and we do not get our free coins/dollar.

What is unique is that we can link us to be advertising everywhere. Not limited to only certain websites. For example. At a forum in which we are registered as a user should. Simply generate alias links to our link and paste it in the forums if you want to share the file link, download link, or link any other articles. This technique is powerful enough to bring in our free coins/dollar because it is usually the forum brings many visitor to come, there linkbucks user who posted the link that is of interest to the user in the forum where he is registered and within a month he was able to get free coins/dollar till $ 100/week . Fair instead.
Linkbucks offering a small free coins/dollar for each clik,required more than 500 clicks for $ 1. Maybe less or maybe more. But for me, its fun to get free coins/dollar without doing anything, just insert the javascript code and let it run without having to update and supervised. Very interesting and easy instead.
Linkbucks offer a referall sistem to get free coins/dollar more,we will get our free coins/dollar 10% of the total income of member that we refer to linkbucks member . This applies also to members, if any other users registered with reference to our members then we will get a 5% income bonus from users who referenced our members. The concept is three levels, so we can earn additional income from the member that our referer brings,untill three levels below us. So find a member in linkbuks referall sistem is interesting to go with.
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