Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surfing the Internet Trick and Get Your Free Coins/Dollar For Free

Hi there,,,, Just want to share with you all,about how you cant get Free Coins/Dollar for free and guarantee . Interesting is it ?? about how to get Free Coins/Dollar.
It's not all,Plus you ll get a trick from me to get all the free coins/dollar with faster time For Free
The Quetion is How we can get it ??
and For What we can Get it ??

Ok.... i wil explain and tell you first ( the trick,come next) the website that offering us free Coins/Dollar and share my trick.
Interadmedia its name a website that offering us free Coins/dollar for surfing the internet (free Surfing ) with interadmedia browsing bar ,without we have to download it..Simple isn't ?? Just its simple it is..
Interadmedia will pay us $ 0,001/ minutes we surfing the internet on interadmedia browsing bar..Not much really,but it is worthy for our free Coins/dollar that we earn for free..
This site have a referall system too...
This site offering Comission 10% off the people that join using our referall...
The Pay out (cashout ) to our acount is $25 to $ 1.000,and take 1 month to be review and get to your account
Now i ll share the Trick to get free coins/dollar much faster and easy
Follow this step ,and you can get 2-5 dollar an hour,depending your will to get much Dollar
1. Register Firts at Here or go to
2.Download all browser that you can download for free and installed to your computer (Ex : safari,firefox,IE,Maxthon,Avant,etc)
3.Open all the browser that have you installed ,and go to sign in into your account in each browser
4.Choose the Start browsing option on your Interadmedia menu account at the side bar ( do it in all off your browser),and start collecting your free Coins/Dollar
Notes : Your browsing will close her self automatic in every 5 minutes,just Start browsing again ( On your interadmedia menu account

Hope you like it ;...
If you have a question,just Comment here....

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