Thursday, May 20, 2010

how to get free coins/dollar easy on internet

have you read my article on how to get free coins/dollar easy on internet with readbud
There are many programs on the internet that say you can get easy money… This is one that actualy works. With little work, (5 mins a day) each month you could pull in an extra $50. ( I say $50 because that is the minimum to cashout with. Speaking of cashing out, they use paypal since it is trusted and very big.

So what do you do with Readbud?

The name says it all, you read an article and then rate it. Based on how many words on in the article (you dont need to count it) You will get paid .01 to .20 of a dollar. Might not sound like much, but with the average being .05 and lets say you get 50 articles. 50X .05= $2.5. Do that for every day of the month, 2.5x 30= $75. $75×12 (months)=$900

Is there anything else with this site?

Yes there is. Like all sites that make it somewhere, they have a referal program. For each member that cashes out, ($50) you will get $5. So lets say once a week, you refer one person. Four people a month would be an extra $20 if they reached the cashout. Dont you see how simple it is?! join now at here or

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